Award-winning design throws curve into Bryan bank’s interior

Interior designer Sandra P. Haltner’s undulating design threw a curve in the awards program of the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers.

Her bank design took first place honors in commercial space.

The challenge, she says, was to come up with a design for a space 19 feet wide and 70 feet long that “allows the customer the opportunity to walk through the branch for a more welcoming, friendly feeling,” she says.

The teller lane is located at the back of the narrow space, which is defined by curves.

“The curved ceiling furrdowns play an important part in achieving the effect of a flowing design and not the typical ‘bowling alley’ effect designed for long narrow spaces,” she says. “The furrdown design and the curved accent flooring lead the way to the teller line. Both design features draw the customer to the teller line.”

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