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For over 30 years, Haltner Design + Build has had a market niche in designing and building Banks and Credit Unions. We understand the needs of financial institutions and their customers. 

2020 was a defining year upending how banks and credit unions did business. The biggest change was about people and defining a hybrid workplace and virtual banking. Many banks were adapting to some of these demands, but COVID-19 forced their hand. 

How will this play out with existing facilities and future builds? We have solutions for both scenarios. 

Design+Build for H&H Federal Credit Union Exterior

Optimize Existing Bank and Credit Union Facilities

As a result of COVID-19, banks are seeing a dramatic downturn in foot traffic. At the same time, we are seeing a surge in new sole proprietors and business entities. We encourage you to think outside the box here! Here are some ways to drive business to you.

Attract New Clients

Attract new clients by creating co-working spaces with local businesses or non-profits. Small businesses will remember the support and in return choose to bank where they have a vested interest.


Create working spaces for business networking events, a popular social strategy among new business owners for business development. Being an ally to small business is a huge trust builder.

Financial Classes

Be a source of valuable information to the community by hosting business building classes on financial planning, business funding, payroll, taxes, business mentoring and more.

Rethink Your Space

We can help you get the right balance of technology for clients as well as create a trusted community resource for the needs of growing businesses. A facility renovation does not mean just an update to aesthetics. Create efficiency and convenience for employees and clients, while answering the needs of a growing business community. Haltner Design + Build can take you there!

Future Builds

New construction means progress and what better way to usher in a world dependent on virtual realities then to build micro locations in high traffic areas. 

Subdividing a space that was originally designed for a single tenant often requires adding a separate entrance, building new walls, modifying heating and ventilation, and potentially adding a separate restroom. It can get expensive to create that extra space. Also consider whether there is sufficient parking to serve the new tenants and how those changes will affect entrances, exits, signage and branding. In some cases, it is a better choice to sell the building and build something smaller. In this instance, Haltner Design + Build is ready to reimagine the future of banking with you.

Southern Star Credit Union - Exterior Rendering
Design Build Projects: Karnes County National Bank

Design + Build Services for New Facilities and Renovations

Haltner Design + Build has remained in the trenches of change with our bank and credit union clients. Our 4 Phases to Success are the keys to why we are a go-to design and construction resource for this market. Our 3-D modeling gives you the ability to envision the future with real-world renderings and virtual flyovers that leave nothing to the imagination. Reimagining new ways to do business is not just a problem for financial institutions. Forging ahead with exciting changes can rejuvenate a sleepy branch location or build a new epicenter for business in a place the community knows well.

Complete the form and we will be in contact with you to schedule a consultation. We’ll bring our best ideas and freshest looks that will attract and retain business for your future.

Bank & Credit Union Construction Consult

Congratulations for considering building new or renovating. Complete this form and we’ll be in touch. If you’d like immediate assistance, call our main number: 713.523.6100

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