Women's History Month

Women’s History Month 2021

Women’s History Month in 2021 is a call to action. It’s less of a celebration and more of a regrouping. Yes, we have things to celebrate, such as the recent move towards an Equal Rights Amendment as the U.S. House vote moves the ERA closer to becoming part of the Constitution. But at the time …

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Houston Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Houston Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Every Houston business disaster recovery plan needs a review. If you don’t have one, you need one. Preparedness is your businesses’ survival kit. It mitigates the risk companies can face during and after extreme disasters – be it fire, cyberattack, infrastructure failure, or weather-related.

Tailoring Branches to Modern Customers

Remember the predictions that electronic banking would replace “brick and mortar” branches? What happened?  Branch construction is at an all-time high, especially in the South and Southwest. Not since the 1980s has such unprecedented high growth in branches been seen. Most people have used an ATM and some type of Internet banking. Still, building continues.  …

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Branding: Making Your Mark

Have you called your copier a Xerox? Have you called your tissue a Kleenex? If you answered yes, you’re on your way to identifying the art of “branding.”  Branding is a hot buzzword today. Everyone is talking about it.  What are some of the benefits of branding? How do you go about it? There are …

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Branch Design Evolves

How many wall-mounted TVs did you see in banks 20 years ago? Fifteen years ago? Maybe a few, 10 years ago. Today, wall-mounted TVs are a common part of the bank design. Next: video walls. Yes, interactive video walls will be accepted more and more as part of the bank building design that provides an …

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