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Companion animal adoptions soared in 2020. Veterinarian services are in record demand in Texas as residents realize the responsibilities of new pet ownership. 

The AVMA market predictions are foretelling parallel growth and the need for expanding current facilities and new construction builds are on the rise. What should you consider before building? We can help with everything from financing to finish materials. Not having to deal with multiple vendors is our competitive edge. 

Haltner Design + Build is ready to help you navigate the build process. Our team of experts will create a 3D model to help you visualize the possibilities with renderings and a virtual flyover of your project. 

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Veterinary Clinic Under Construction

Deciding to build is a huge step for many practice owners. What benefits are realized with a facility build? There are many.

  • Occupy all or part of the facility as your business scales and grows.
  • Freeze costs on facility construction materials in a time and place that remains manageable.
  • A permanent facility is an investment that will provide future equity. 
  • Control costs by self-managing maintenance and repairs. Third-party property managers can add exponentially to your bottom line. 
  • Create a space to add lucrative health and wellness products or boarding space is a value-add for customers.

things to know before you get started

Texas Veterinary graduates have the lowest debt to income ratio in the country. That is good news! That means these graduates are not strapped with debt years into their careers and creating equity with a facility build can be a reality as this is what banks look at when loaning money for construction projects. 

The most important thing to do when deciding to build is to make a plan. Just as with a business plan, your project plan should contain many of the same considerations a business plan would contain. 

Talk to friends or colleagues who have recently built and find out pros and cons of their build. What wouldn’t they do again? This is just additional insurance to help you make the most of your loan dollars. 

Having a plan that includes business plan considerations is a smart move. What you are doing now, how you conduct business and how you market your business is going to change drastically. If you have property already, be sure the property is in an area that can sustain your practice.

The latest AVMA State of the Profession 2020 Census of Veterinarians states, “The market for veterinarians continues to see signs of positive economic movement. 2019 showed positive indicators of a robust veterinary sector with low unemployment and increased incomes. The veterinary profession has also gone through some significant economic and demographic changes.”

Practices have opportunities to diversify revenue, reduce the gender pay gap, and combat the negative impacts of COVID-19.

You may already own property, or have a location in mind for relocation. Before you make such a permanent decision, do your homework. All local counties have some kind of economic development organization that can supply you with more statistics on an area than you might think you need. But knowing is everything. 

Here are local resources you can connect with:


Montgomery County: THINKMOCO.COM


Chambers County: BAYTOWNEDF.ORG


We give you a distinct advantage here. For over 30 years, Haltner Design + Build has partnered with independent banks and credit unions to build financial facilities. We’ve been the local industry go to and are proud to call many bank leaders friends and associates. What could be better than having a friend help you out? That’s how we see it. If you need financing, we have resources. Just say the word. 

Time is money, especially in construction. Waiting isn’t the answer to getting a project from conception to reality. Waiting often times comes with increased prices for building materials and equipment. So the answer? Build as soon as it makes sense. In 2020, prices for materials soared as a result of the pandemic. We maintained relationships with our supplier resources and will offer you the best possible materials costs as well as a project management team under one roof. Less overhead rolls back to you. 

Remodeling projects normally take less than 6 months to one year depending on how extensive the build-out and availability of materials and equipment.

The same is true for new construction which can take a year, sometimes more. No matter what, our team gets that time is money and we work at a pace that strives to get your project done in budget and on time. 

Our team is our biggest asset. We’ve been to the rodeo many times and we’ll make sure there are no surprises that can drive up costs. Transparency and what we call “Jedi listening skills” are the key to a happily ever after for your practice. 

As a woman-owned business, Sandra Haltner has all the right leadership ingredients to create a positive, inclusive environment for clients and employees. She is an avid animal advocate and a feral cat Mom. During the 2020 freeze, she was up and out in the frigid early mornings to feed and care for a new litter of kittens that made her office alleyway their home. 

It’s the leadership, empathy, and drive to excel for clients that has made Haltner Design + Build a Houston icon. 

We’ve created a special guide for Veterinarians considering a facility build.

Whether it’s your first build, a renovation of an existing facility or an add-on, this guide will give you a step-by-step plan on what you need to know to get started.

Download your copy here.

How to Build a Veterinarian Clinic Brand Guide

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