Women's History Month

Women’s History Month 2021

Women’s History Month in 2021 is a call to action. It’s less of a celebration and more of a regrouping. Yes, we have things to celebrate, such as the recent move towards an Equal Rights Amendment as the U.S. House vote moves the ERA closer to becoming part of the Constitution. But at the time of this writing, an uphill climb in the Senate remains.

What I am referring to is the slipping of progress for women as we navigate the consequences of a global pandemic. I see the struggles of women at every age. Especially women with children, who have been called to create learning spaces at home and continue to work. Childcare was affected leaving families at home on an isolated island of technology. Low-income families were ill-equipped to take on internet learning. It’s a disaster I don’t want to recount for you, you’ve experienced it intimately in broadcast media, or this can even be your own personal struggle. Women’s History Month 2021 is a call to action.

The collapse of the childcare sector and drastic reductions in school supervision hours as a result of COVID-19 could drive millions of mothers out of the paid workforce. Inaction could cost billions, undermine family economic security, and set gender equity back a generation.

(Kashen, Glynn 2020)

If you want to read more and get into the nitty-gritty statistics, the referenced report ”How COVID-19 Sent Women’s Workforce Progress Backward” from the Center for American Progress is chilling. This is not about politics, it’s about reality.

What Can We Do?

My recent participation on March 18, 2021 in the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women CSW65 NGO (Non-government Organization) parallel virtual event led me to support a social impact documentary film titled “Pioneers in Skirts®” Directed by Ashley Maria and Produced by Lea-Ann Berst. This mother/daughter duo is the right voice at just the right time in our global need for education on women’s issues, supplying us with a toolbox of resources to create dialog, advocacy, information, and activation around the very subject of women and what we struggle with – all in a very inclusive way. All are welcome at this table.

Who Is This Film For?

This film is for everyone from elementary school-aged children who are learning to socialize, to families, companies, academic institutions, governments, and more. It’s even for those who don’t believe women need extra help to achieve equality and equity in all things where gender is a consideration. It’s a conversation starter and a collaboration tool to empower women who want to speak up, to do just that. It teaches women to find advocates, mentors, and sponsors to support them.

What Haltner Design + Build Is Doing to Act

This film demands “action.” And I don’t mean “discussing the issues that chip away at a woman’s ambition for an hour and then tucking it away in our minds as an enlightening experience.” I mean, deciding right here, right now, to do everything in our power to change this, to work every day to change the world for women and the generation coming up fast behind us. Action is also about sponsoring those who are doing the work. That’s why I am taking part in the Pioneers in Skirts® Global Impact Relay. Goodwill comes out of this. Progress comes out of this. Our daughters will eventually walk on even ground and make equal pay for equal work. The world will be a better place because families, children, and women will have a better chance to thrive.

Join Us

For more information on supporting or joining the Pioneers in Skirts Global Impact Relay, go to https://www.pioneersinskirts.com/movie-impact-relay/ where you can ACT to support programs that lead to a gender-equal world.

2021 Women's History Month Pioneers in Skirts
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With projections showing that women are being disproportionately affected by the pandemic, we want the film Pioneers in Skirts® to play a role in casting a broader scope of awareness for the need to address gender equality and human rights issues. Join the Global Impact Relay with us at https://www.pioneersinskirts.com/movie-impact-relay/ #COVID19 #PandemicInequality #HumanIssues #CSW65 #BEtheChange #GlobalImpact

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